LONDON  -   Lily Allen feels that the #MeToo movement has not made big enough of an impact and thinks people are ignoring important issues. Lily Allen thinks the #MeToo movement needs to make a bigger impact.

The 33-year-old singer thinks people have brushed by the #MeToo movement and need to recognise the seriousness of sexual harassment stories.

Lily said: ‘’Everyone is sort of a bit like, ‘Yeah, yeah, that happened, but what do you expect?’ I think that’s the danger with the #MeToo movement.

So many people are coming forward and sharing their experiences, and no one seems to be reacting. It’s news, and then people move on. It’s an interesting time.’’

The ‘Smile’ hitmaker feels that the problem is people talk about shocking stories of sexual violence as if they are ‘’sensational’’ and ‘’exceptional’’ and thinks people need to realise that sexual assault against women is happening all the time. She said: ‘’That’s the issue, people want to talk about these things as if they are sensational and exceptional.