KARACHI - Pakistan Tenpin Bowling Federation vice president Khawaja Ahmed Mustaqeem lauded holding of 8 Pakistan Super League matches in Karachi and hoped the highly successful conduct of these matches would help other sports as well in hosting international events.

Talking to The Nation at his residence here in Karachi on Saturday, Kh Ahmed said: “Pakistan Tenpin Bowling Federation had long being striving hard to hold international tournament in Pakistan but due to unwanted and so-called security concerns, the international players looked confused. But hats off to our armed forces, federal government and Sindh government for holding such a successful event. The way people of Karachi had come in huge numbers, the way each and every main street and road of this city of lights is decorated, the way city government had installed hoardings, pictures of foreign and national players, the way every main road is presenting National Stadium look as mini-stadiums being especially constructed at road-sides, is a very loud indication that Pakistan is more than capable of hosting all kinds of mega international events.”

He said his event management company Virtual Axis had sponsored number of tournaments in Pakistan and they are ready to help PCB and PTBF in organising an international event in any part of country as people of Pakistan deserve to witness international matches and tournaments.

“Now is the time world must start to appreciate our steps practically and allocate maximum international tournaments to Pakistan. Karachi is more than ready to host entire PSL-5 like PM Imran Khan had said while I seriously feel, full-fledge international series must be allocated to Pakistan. It is right time that Tenpin Bowling mega event should be brought to Pakistan. I will fully cooperate and provide every possible assistance. I am a sportsman, I had played every sports and I know the pain of not holding international events in country. I am sure the ICC will look into Pakistan’s case highly positively and shun dual policies when it comes to dealing and allocating international events to Pakistan. If India and other countries can hold international matches, tournaments then why not Pakistan.”