Rawalpindi -    A thief in disguise of doctor reportedly has stolen more than 4 dozen mobile phones and cash from various wards including Emergency Department of Benazir Bhutto Hospital, reliable sources disclosed to The Nation on Saturday.

The hospital management and security staff failed in catching the mugger, who has been on looting spree in the government-run hospital for last many months, they said.

Instead of tracing the thief, the management ordered an inquiry against paramedical staffers and nurses while accusing them of involving in the crime, sources added.  

The management only sprang up into action when the paramedics obtained CCTV footage of the mugger after he pilfered a mobile phone of female patient from side room of Ward 7 (Derma), sources said.  Similarly, the intruder has deprived the patients, attendants and even the paramedical staffers of mobile phones and cash in Eye Surgery Wards, Intensive Caring Unit, Medical Ward, ED and many other wards.  Additional Medical Superintendent (Admin) reported the matter to police besides sharing CCTV footage. Police are investigating the matter, they said.

“Well, the man involved in mobile and cash theft from various wards is not employed as doctor with the hospital but he took a round of wards while wearing blue coloured kit that usually is used in operation theatre to target his prey,” said a female doctor while talking to The Nation.

She said that according to rules of the hospital, no doctor/staffer could visit ICU or other wards in OT kit. She revealed that two days ago, the suspected robber entered in Ward 7 and inquired from staff about a female patient namely Allah Rakhi, who was admitted in side room. The staff guided the man to the side room while assuming him as a doctor, she said. The robber enquired about health of the patient besides checking her medical record, she said, adding that later, the mugger requested the patient to make him a phone call to her husband from her mobile as he was out of credit. “As the female patient handed him over her mobile phone, he ran away from the ward with the mobile phone worth Rs50,000,” she said.

Another paramedic shared that as many as 24 mobile phones and cash have been stolen from Eye Ward by the same robber. “Once the robber visited the ward and took Rs35,000 and a mobile phone of a patient,” she said. Last night, she said, the mobile snatcher committed a crime in a ward after which the staff took CCTV footage and tabled the same before the AMS Admin.  The AMS sought police help to trace out the suspect, she said. Medical Superintendent BBH Dr Nasir Mehmood, however, when contacted by The Nation for his point of view, said that he had no knowledge of the crime. He said that his staff had not shared any such activity with him. “I will enquire the matter,” he added.