LAHORE                   -              “Consistency and transparent implementation of policies will help enable the pharma industry to provide research-based products along with employment opportunities, transfer of technology and to boost exports,” said Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director Bayer Pakistan, Dr Imran Ahmad Khan while talking to a group of journalists during visit to the Lahore manufacturiung unit. He said that prompt and decisive decision-making would foster an environment where innovation can flourish with the aim to provide better opportunities for all.

“As a multinational life science company committed to advancing quality healthcare and nutrition in Pakistan, we look to the government and regulatory stakeholders to work with us to create a positive, supportive regulatory environment that increases the ease of doing business,” said Dr Khan. “Technology transfer is an important area where multinational pharmaceuticals can positively boost the industry through contract manufacturing, if enabled by a change in regulation by government to do so“, he said.

Dr Khan further elaborated: “Contract manufacturing allows for the high production and quality-control standards of multinationals to be adopted by local contract manufacturers, effectively contributing to raising the bar on the industry overall.” “Amendments in the regulatory framework to expedite registrations of pharmaceutical products will enable pharmaceutical companies to help the government address major challenges in healthcare,” he said.

“Government support will open up avenues for further investment, as a rational pricing policy will make the introduction of new molecules and new products in Pakistan financially viable, and will help to effectively meet the healthcare challenges of today,” he added.

“Devaluation of the Pakistani rupee in recent times, as well as domestic inflation and other factors present a challenge to the sustainability of multinational companies in Pakistan,” he said, adding that a considered pricing policy was a must to provide respite to pharmaceutical companies like Bayer, which simply do not compromise on high quality standards. “These standards are ultimately beneficial to patients in terms of quality and efficacy of treatment“, he said. He said that pharmaceutical manufacturing facility in Lahore follows rigorous global standards of quality, and is at par with manufacturing facilities in Germany.

“Bayer pharmaceutical products in Pakistan are formulated with high quality imported raw materials (Active Product Ingredients or APIs) as per the stringent quality control requirements mandated by Bayer globally. These products are also tested for quality in line with the said requirements, both in Pakistan and in Germany, in laboratories that are set up and operated to the same rigorous standards“, he said.

Bayer is operating in Pakistan since 1963, committed to providing solutions to today’s major challenges in healthcare and nutrition. Bayer provides direct and indirect employment to over 1,000 individuals across Pakistan, and as a major player in the healthcare and agriculture space, is committed to economic growth and value creation in Pakistan.