LAHORE                 -          Pakistan People’s Party Punjab President Qamar Zaman Kaira on Monday said that federal government’s response to the coronavirus threat was not up to the mark.

Talking to the media after attending Qul of Dr Mubashar Hassan, the PPP leader said that the situation was comparatively better in Punjab than other provinces.

“There is need of taking more proactive measures like what’re being taken in Sindh”, he said. Kaira drew attention towards the developing weather conditions suitable for dengue outbreak and cautioned that this seasonal problem coupled with coronavirus could lead to graver situations.

He said that Pakistan would continue to suffer as long as institutions remained above the law.

“The country will continue suffering from the crises it is in as far as rule of law is not wholeheartedly accepted and institutions are considering themselves as above the constitution and law”, he said.

He said that he was fearing action against media because an independent media was not tolerated in a culture where political rivals were being suppressed, state institutions were being used to crush dissenting voices, judges not falling in line were being sidelined and the blue-eyed ones were given extension in tenures.

He said that politicians had been speaking against black laws in the country employed by fascist rulers to silence every voice raised against them.