PESHAWAR - The Peshawar Medical & Dental College (PMC), Pe­shawar, has organized the 13th national undergradu­ate research conference in which undergraduate stu­dents of more than 15 medical and dental colleges from across the country participated.

The first day of the conference consisted of a plena­ry session by Prof Dr Najib-ul-Haq, Dean of Peshawar Medical College, who talked in detail about the im­portance of ethics in research and how it can benefit the mankind in numerous forms.

He highlighted the importance of research as a quest for truth and reality and its high place in Islam. He said that in the wake of the coronavirus threat all over the world the importance of health research is increased manifold and this pandemic is a real chal­lenge for the whole health research community espe­cially the young researchers.

Afterwards, a well-attended workshop by Dr. Irfan on evidence based confidence building was held.

Simultaneously, in other places of the institution, a posters competition took place that along with a healthy sense of competition also offered a great op­portunity to learn new things. Another competition of the same type took place where various individ­uals presented their research in the form of a pres­entation in verbal competitions.

The event concluded on an encouraging note by Vice Chancellor Agriculture University, Peshawar, Prof Dr Jehan Bakht, who not only appreciated host­ing of the conference but also hoped that these activ­ities would continue with more participation from all over the country.