PESHAWAR - Advisor to Chief Minister on Infor­mation, Ajmal Wazir has called upon Ulema, political leaders and media to join hands with the government in cre­ating mass awareness among the gen­eral public to fight the threat of corona virus and help stop the pandemic.

In a statement issued here on Mon­day, Ajmal Wazir said that the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government on the direc­tives of CM has put all measures in gear to handle the corona virus issue, health facilities have been made available to deal with the emergency situation but there is a dire need of creating mass awareness among the general public for which media can play a vital role.

He said that awareness among masses using public transports, barber shops, general bazaars, mega malls and other such places is direly needed for which social elite, religious scholars, Ulema and political, public figures must give public service and safety messages to adopt precautionary measures while in­teracting with each other in these areas.

He said that public must frequently use hand-washers, sanitizers and soaps to wash hands to minimize the threat of corona virus spread. They should wear masks, avoid rush places and use pre­cautionary measures while praying in mosques and avoid huge gatherings.

Ajmal Wazir also called upon the people to take personal care while vis­iting barber shops, buying breads, us­ing public transport, buying other ed­ibles like meat, vegetables, groceries, and also persuade the shopkeepers to adopt measures to counter the threat of corona virus spread.