The word 'Fragile means some thing that is delicate, brittle and frail and can easily be broken or destroyed, depending on the person or the situation. Therefore for a government of a nuclear country that is being described as the most dangerous country in the world, to be governed by a 'fragile government is a formula for disaster and bound to ring alarm bells around the world, especially America. They are naturally worried, as many Pakistanis also, as to how this 'fragile government will be able to stop the ruthless and barbaric March of the Taliban and protect its nukes from them. Now that the bilateral and trilateral summit talks between President Obama, Zardari and Karzai are over, let us see where we stand now. Before AZ left for the US, he was 'softened up with soft body blows on his 'fragile government. These were followed by the reports in the media that the American leaders and Congress members were amused and bemused by his 'float like a butterfly - sting like a bee dance in the ring, ducking the questions. As Congressman Howard Berman had put it: 'Let me be blunt. Pakistans pants are on fire. The blows left no visible bruises or a black eye, but definitely gave the message loud and clear. The odds were against him and if AZ did not throw in the towel and hit the canvas before the bell rang, the Knock Out punch would be delivered and he would go home without the price money. The result was immediate. Before the first round was over, AZ hit the canvas and our hapless and confused PM declared the long awaited war on the Taliban and 'vowed to wipe them out. At the same time, army Chief Gen. Ashfaq Kayani 'vowed the launching of a decisive operation. Both these Honorable gentlemen had no option but to follow the orders or loose the prize money and see their Champ come home on a stretcher with a black eye. Zardari repeatedly used the phrase, 'My government and my democracy are not going to fall. I need drones and billions of dollars, because that is the kind of money I need to fix Pakistan. Frequent references were also made to, 'my democracy and your democracy will be the revenge for my wifes assassination, to win the 'hearts and minds of the Americans. However, the Americans were not impressed, as their only interest is how will Pakistan stop the Taliban and protect its nuclear assets? As such, President Obama read out the riot act loud and clear, with a 'take it or leave it ultimatum to both the Presidents. He told them to end their 'nura kushti and promised to pump money into Pakistan, provided AZ follows his benchmarks: 'you are unpopular in your country and we do not fully trust you with our money. So to protect 'our investment, we will place a monitoring system to check how and where the money is spent. And if we behave ourselves, 'and explain where every dollar has been spent and if no corruption or wastage is found, the next tranche will be released. In other words, this proud country of Mr. Mohammad Ali Jinnah is going to be treated like an NGO, receiving funds from a sponsor. An Auditor would be appointed to physically inspect every project and ensure that the money is used to improve the quality of the lives of the citizens and not to support the luxurious life style of our leaders, politicians and their cronies, as in the past. Frankly, you cannot blame the Americans for not trusting us, as we have broken too many promises and have been described as the second most corrupt nation in the world, whose present two leaders have been dismissed twice by their own presidents on charges of mismanagement and corruption. No doubt, financial assistance is desperately needed to stop an economical melt down, but it will not stop the Talibanisation of the mind of our people. As the old Beatles song goes, 'Money cant buy me love. Therefore pumping money into the country without checks and balances would only fuel corruption. To gain the confidence and the respect of the citizens, the government will have to ensure that the funds are not misused, as during Musharrafs time and are spent on improving the infra-structure in the country, specially the health and education sectors on a war footing. The unfolding human catastrophe of the IDPs in the Swat Valley is heart-rending and exposes the incompetence of those who govern us. Over 1 million citizens have been made homeless and are without food, water and shelter in their own homeland. Despite the terrible and tragic earthquake of October 05, the government has been totally unprepared for the expected exodus from the worn torn areas of Swat. It has failed to provide even transport to the displaced families and the young, old and the sick had to walk miles to reach the IDP camps. And even there, they had to face difficulties as adequate arrangements had not been made to care for them. One is amazed at the lack of 'sense and sensibility of our leaders. One would have thought that at this time of a national tragedy, our globe-trotting president and his ministers would have cut their trip short, rushed back to Pakistan, rolled up their sleeves and helped in the rescue efforts. This callous and indifferent attitude is certainly not going to strengthen our fragile government nor win them the hearts and minds of the citizens of Pakistan. Is it a wonder that they refuse to respect or accept the writ of a government that has failed to provide them the basic amenities that allows them to live with dignity and honour, which is their fundamental right under the constitution? We have been travelling down this dangerous road for the last three decades. Therefore, we must stop living in a state of denial. The people of Balochistan, NWFP and many parts of urban Sindh live in abject poverty and there is a deep-rooted sense of resentment, deprivation and alienation among the people. If we want to stop the Talibanisation of their minds and win the 'hearts and minds of our people, then we will have to take ownership and step into their world of hunger, thirst, squalor, disease, despair and death and share their grief and sorrow and fulfil our broken promises. If we fail to establish a just and equitable social order, then neither the drones, nor the mightiest army nor our nukes and nor all the money in the world will stop the March of the Taliban, as 'money cant buy you love, unless it is wisely used. E-mail: