DERA GHAZI KHAN Though hardly three weeks are left in polling day for PP-240 by-election but the election activities could not pick up the pace due to the lack of traditional enthusiasm and the campaign. The ten contestants are in the field after the nomination papers of Sardar Mir Badshah Qaisrani were rejected who had resigned when the political opponent, Sardar Imam Bakhash Qaisrani, challenged his degree in Rawalpindi bench of Lahore High Court. PML-N provincial leaders yet could not visit the constituency with the fact that the ruling party was facing differences over the allotment of the ticket that was yet to be decided. There were certain reports that keeping in view the expected the forthcoming local government election and to muster the maximum support of the various local groups. The PML-N may opt to leave the seat vacant on the ground that all the powerful candidates are attempting their level best to grab the ticket. PP-240 has ever been an important provincial constituency in the electoral history, which comprises nine union councils that include Tibbi Qaisrani, Kot Qaisrani, Tuman Qaisrani, Lakhani, Vehoa, Nutkani/Fateh Khan, More Jhangi, Narri and Jallo Wali. The constituency is divided as Baloch and non Baloch population, which are settled on the western and eastern side of Indus highway. The number of Baloch tribes are settled which include Qaisrani with the single largest tribe while the rest of the tribes are: Buzdar, Kheitran, Nutkani, Leghari, Malik, Moga, Malkani, Syed, and Bhatti. The total number of voters is 15,4762, which include 88,153 male and 66,609 female voters. Sardar Mir Badshah Qaisrani has yet been facing uncertainty for the issuance of PML-N ticket in favour of his wife, Shamoona Ambreen Qaisrani, who is master degree holder. He holds a vast background as he was elected as MPA in the general election 2002 on the ticket of PML-Q but left the said party later and joined Nawaz-League. Similarly, his father Sardar Zahoor Ahmad Qaisrani late was twice elected as MPA in 1990 and 1997. Another candidate, Khawaja Hafiz Muhammad Dawood Sulemani, who is also willing to get the ticket of the ruling party had also been enjoying MPA seat for the two times in 1988 and 1993 while he could not win the election in 1997 besides he was technically knocked out in the general election on account of bank default. He ever provided tough time to Qaisrani chiefs as he has a strong political group in the area while in 2008 rather than contesting on the provincial seat, he contested for National Assembly seat but could not win. As per the voters and the political observers, it was his wrong decision politically to contest on national assembly seat, which further widened the fifteen years long gap with masses. However, this time he is facing another Khawja Muhammad Salahud Din Akbar who served as Taunsa Sharif tehsil nazim and is real uncle of PML-Q MNA Khawja Sheraz Mehmood. Khawja Shehraz has strong footage for his regular contacts with the masses since he was also elected as MNA in the general election 2008. He is very well known for taking up the personal as well as the collective issues of the public with his easy availability for every one. The rest of the candidates - Sardar Imam, Sardar Javed Iqbal Qaisrani, Sardar Noman Sher Qaisrani, Sardar Mehboob Alam Khan Kheitran and Dilshad Ahmad Shaheen are not in the race so they yet not launch their regular campaign. However, Sadar Muhammad Iqbal Khan Qaisrani who had contested the general election 2008 as the independent candidate could get and divide the vote of Qaisrnis as he was runner up of 2008. Numbers of candidates are yet at Lahore for the couples of days in their efforts to get PML-N ticket and have yet to start their election campaign as June 05 is the polling day that is why the activities regarding the corner meetings, public gatherings could not pick up the pace.