AFTER submitting a resolution in support of Kalabagh Dam in the Assembly Secretariat on Saturday, the Leader of the Opposition in Punjab, Chaudhry Zaheeruddin, told the media that if the PML-N was sincere in its demand that the project was vital for the economy, it should come forward and back the resolution. Alternatively, he pledged the opposition's full backing for a resolution that the PML-N might like to table in the Assembly in favour of this large reservoir. It is of interest to note, in this context, that Chief Minister Mian Shahbaz Sharif broke a long silence of his party on Kalabagh Dam some time back and talked of the imperative need for immediately undertaking its construction to help rid the country of the acute power shortage and scarcity of water it was currently experiencing. But that was the time when some PML-N candidates were canvassing for votes in the bye-elections in the province. And since the people all over were unhappy and agitating over prolonged loadshedding and inadequate availability of water, whether for agricultural purposes or industrial and domestic uses, the opposition implicitly accused Mian Shahbaz of making a political statement to win over the voters, without really meaning to take the 'demand for construction' forward and work towards removing hurdles to the project. Chaudhry Zaheer urged the PML-N to make the implementation of the project as part of its manifesto. The rationale for the project the Leader of the Opposition has put forward finds an echo with all right thinking people. All major dams have been raised while the country was being ruled by dictators, and, he believes, it is only appropriate that the political government should at least build one so that it could be remembered by the coming generations. He rightly underlined the plight of the farmer, whose fields are running dry, the industrial worker, who is losing jobs because of uncertain economic conditions, and the industrialist and business community facing mounting power shutdowns. A multipurpose dam like Kalabagh would go a long way in reviving the economy. One hopes that the PML-N is conscious of the great significance of the Kalabagh project in the country's economy, and would make full effort to counter the "political opportunists", as appropriately termed by Chaudhry Zaheer, who are opposing it. There is no time to lose but to press ahead for implementing the project.