WAZIRABAD - Six passenger trains on Sunday were delayed after the failure of Allama Iqbal Express derailed Wazirabad Railway Station, which could not be repaired due to the non-availability of spare parts. The passengers protested against the mismanagement by the Railway Department. They occupied ASM office for some time as the staff on-duty disappeared from the office. According to details, the engine of Allama Iqbal Express derailed near loco-shed, which delayed the train. The other trains, which delayed due to failure of engines were 206-Down Baboo Train delayed for 6 hours, 152-Down Malakwal Express delayed for two hours, 234-Down Faisalabad Passenger Train delayed for three and a half hours, 144-Down Samma Satta Express delayed for two and a half hours and 205-Up Baboo Train delayed for three and a half hours. Failure of engines started at 5am and remained continued up to 7pm, due to which, hundreds of passengers remained stranded at railway station Wazirabad. Power of 231-Up Passenger Train was attached with 234-Down and departed it after three and a half hour late. Huge number of passengers of 144-Down Samma Satta Express and 206-Down Sialkot Express started protest at Railway Stations and raised slogans against the mismanagement of railway department as well as prolonged delay and also occupied the offices of ASM and TCRs. On-duty staff disappeared to save themselves from any humiliation. Railways police also seemed helpless. Protests and slogans have become a common practice at Wazirabad Railway Station due to painful delay of trains. Later, crew of loco-shed Wazirabad took some parts from a defective engine and fit in the engines of 205-Up and 144-Down and then departed to their destinations.