The deadline for the evacuation of residents of low-lying areas to safer places has been extended for one more day. The deadline had been issued due to possible flooding, which will suppose to be end today. The water level at landslide-triggered lake in Attabad area of Hunza has risen to the level of 353 feet. The people residing in the danger zone are being stressed upon to evacuate to safer places, as the lake has risen to a threatening level, owing to rapid meltdown of glacier during the last two days, private TV channel reported. According to Director General NDMA and Interior Secretary Asif Bilal Lodhi, the water level falling into the lake has been increased from 2200 cusecs to 2500 cusecs daily whereas out flow has been reached to 100 cusecs from 84 cusecs. The number of relief camps established between Hunza and Gilgit has also been increased from 18 to 39 keeping in view the situation. Deputy Commissioner Gilgit talking to a private TV channel said that arrangements for water and power supply to 195 camps in district Gilgit have been completed and the government has extended the evacuation deadline till Tuesday.