ISLAMABAD (APP) The Fashion Gala 2010 enthralled the fashion lovers of twin cities here providing them with excellent opportunity to have the glimpses of latest fashions by 7 new and established designers. Organized by Akash Media Group, the show was planned to promote the fashion industry, art and entertainment in the federal capital besides supporting young and talented models, choreographers, designers and the organizers. Designers and brands including Zahra Ahmed, Zia from Libaas, Sidra from Gulaal, Basharat, Yasmeen Siddiqui, Zain and Munazza displayed their eye catching exclusive styles hitting the ramps as passion and creative energy drove the young male and female models to participate in the event. The designers showcased a variety of casual and formal outfits, western wear, men wear and other accessories. The basic concept of the programme was to provide a platform to up-coming and talented designers, makeup artists and models as due to large struggle of time and money, it becomes barrier for upcoming talent to survive in the market, said one of the organizer. Akash Media Group was recently established for the sole purpose of nurturing and advancing the performing arts in Pakistan - be it in the form of Fashion, television or film. The group comprising young team members, aim to create and perform works that not only entertain, but also enrich the society and assist the progressive evolution of culture. Fashion is the cradle of artistic civilization. It is therefore in this sphere of the performing arts. AKASH Media Group aims to entertain the Islamabad gentry with its upcoming fashion shows, musical events and productions. FM 94, The News and Asian Life Style were among the media partners while the co-sponsors included Waheed Chemist, Geofizyka Krakow, Keune, Shark Energy Drink.