WAZIRABAD FBR is going to introduce E-Custom System in Pakistan in place of Pakistan Custom Computerised System (PACCS), which will work under PRAL. E-Custom will be paperless and duration of clearance will be less. No imported consignment will be given clearance without examination. PACCS system was started in Karachi as experiment. All imported items, under PACCS system, were checked through scanner but this method depended on staff how to operate the scanners. A huge number of containers of imported items had been cleared without scanning and thorough examination and sometime the type of material is changed verbally. A special mafia was the main beneficiary of this system while national exchequer bear huge financial loss and importers face trouble in getting data of their consignments timely. PACCS is a foreign-based software company, which is working with FBR on contract basis. FBR, observing the wishes and difficulties of the importers and exporters, has decided to replace PACCS system with E-Custom to make examination system more active which will under the supervision of PRAL, a subordinate wing of FBR, already running E-Filing/One Custom system successfully. FBR has taken the importers and exporters of Gujrat, Gujranwala and Sialkot into confidence who has expressed their best wishes for new system. Bill of entries will be processed accordingly and whole process will be paperless, which will save the time of importers. New E-Custom system will increase the income of FBR when all imports will be examined properly. After introduction of new system, Pakistan may stand and work at the level of developed country as well as import and export may be according to international standard.