In about four decades since it happened in 1974, Great Britain has once again had a 'hung parliament' with no single party having achieved a decisive majority. But the issue got resolved very well with the Conservatives comfortably forming a government in alliance with the Liberal Democrats. The newly formed government has done itself proud by appointing Baroness Saeeda Warsi, Britain's first Muslim cabinet member. The move is being justifiably hailed as a victory of British democracy which has sent a clear message to all international community that Great Britain does not believe in race, religion, or ethnic and cultural discrimination. Appearing on news channels, Baroness Warsi spoke of her pride in her multiple identities and how they compliment each other: "I think there are lots of parts that make me a person in terms of the identity I have---my Yorkshire roots, my Asian origins, my Muslim faith, and although I don't think that anyone of them needs to be highlighted more, if it sends out a message and if my appointment sends out a message to other people of different faiths and different backgrounds and different ethnic origins that you can actually do this as well, then that I think is a good thing. But I hope it doesn't become my defining feature". It is because of these aspirations, actions and commitment to her principles throughout her political career that she has been appointed to the cabinet and also made the co-chairperson of the Conservative Party of Britain. Born to Pakistani immigrant parents of a working class area---before immigration her parents were settlers of a small town of Pakistan called Gujjar Khan--- she has now become the face of the whole Muslim community of Britain. -DR SAIFURREHMAN, Jamshoro, May 15.