LONDON (Online) - All Pakistan Muslim League, the party formed by former president Pervez Musharraf, has started its political activities. According to media reports, important decisions were taken at a meeting presided over by Pervez Musharraf. The meeting was held here at the residence of Pervez Musharraf and was attended by more than 50 people including Barrister Saif and Rashid Qureshi. The meeting also discussed issues related to the return of Parvez Musharraf and other party issues. Addressing the meeting, Musharraf said Pakistan is facing severe challenges and PPP and PML-N have failed to tackle crises being faced by the country. He said the current challenges being faced by the country forced him to come into politics, saying that there is need to prefer countrys interests over personal interests. The former President said that he would return to Pakistan and would face the situation courageously. He added that he would participate in elections. Musharraf would visit the United States on May 18.