TANK - The services of some 450 paramedics are likely to be terminated following Merlin, a known welfare organisation, decided to wind up its health care project in Tank and DI Khan, said a reliable source. According to reliable source, about 450 healthcare staff including doctors, Lady Health Workers, nursing staff of different units working in Tank and DI Khan, could be sacked from their assignments as an 'Merlin has decided to wind up the ongoing project. About 45 employees of the 'Merlin could face termination from their services if the project did not review its decision, said a dejected employee, while talking to media persons. According to sources, so far, one million needy people including internally displaced tribal people have been treated besides giving them free medicine facility. Social and political circles of the area are of the view that various diseases like HBS, HCV, Malaria, cholera and other fatal diseases could be eradicated if the project further continued across the drought-hit Jatatur and other rural areas of the region.