LONDON Pakistan Muslim League-N Quaid Mian Nawaz Sharif has warned of the conspiracies being hatched to manipulate collision between the Parliament and the judiciary, saying, We would lose Pakistan in case Musharraf-like regime was revived, as the country cannot endure more such adventures. He also stressed the need for giving democracy the time and the space to flourish, rejecting the possibility of any 'give-and-take on NRO and corruption. Addressing a luncheon ceremony, organised by PML-N UK, he said those, who wanted to conceal their corruption, were trying their level best to ignite conflict between the Parliament and the judiciary. But we would not allow them to further their designs, Nawaz remarked, adding that no hurdle created to curb the independence of judiciary would be accepted. The PML-N leader maintained that like President Asif Ali Zardari, Premier Yousuf Raza Gilani was equally responsible for ensuring accountability of the NRO-affected people. He said: We strongly request the judiciary to take suo moto notice of May 12 carnage in Karachi and do not let the peoples blood go waste. Nawaz also pleaded for bringing to justice all those elements that conspired against judiciary, which culminated on November 3, 2007, when Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry was called to the Army House and disgraced. The PML-N chief said the demand of suo moto action was made because the govt, also NRO beneficiary itself, had no guts to act against Musharraf and other corrupt people. Nawaz said: We are accused of being a friendly opposition but we are ready to pay every price and would never submit to corruption and NRO. He said the plunderers of the national wealth must bring the looted money back to the country and should never dare manoeuvring clash with judiciary. In case they did so, they would be alone and the masses would stand beside with the judiciary. He also questioned as to why the govt had not as yet taken action in Nawab Akbar Bugti case and asked the judiciary to probe into the matter and unearth the circumstances under which Bugti was assassinated. Nawaz said he was not a supporter of the idea of seeking foreign aid, as Pakistan would get nothing out of the insignificant amount of US $ 1.50 billion. Talking about carving out new provinces in the country, Nawaz said it was the job of the Parliament and not of his party. If people back the idea, the matter should be debated in the Parliament after developing a consensus, he added. He said Musharraf should have returned to the country before deciding to jump into political arena. Nawaz also urged Pakistan and India to resolve all issues, including Kashmir, through dialogue. PML-N UK President Zubair Gul and Secretary General Raja Javed Iqbal spoke on the occasion while Ishtiaq Lone, especially invited by the PML-N chief, also attended the luncheon. APP adds: Drawing attention to the importance of future development planning, Nawaz said without such a strategy, Pakistan could never hope to progress and achieve desired goals. He pointed out that the developed countries in Europe and those like the US, Japan, South Korea and China had build their infrastructure based on future planning. We need to think 50 years ahead in terms of our planning if we are to develop as a modern and progressive country, he added. He referred to the construction of Lahore-Islamabad Motorway and said the project was undertaken as a part of PML-Ns future vision for Pakistan. The PML-N chief said his party would continue to support democracy in the country and would not take any measures threatening to derail it. He said the countrys future was in strong and well-entrenched democracy and his party believes that only through democracy Pakistan could progress and move forward in all sectors. Reflecting on the achievements when his party was in power, Sharif said Pakistan responded robustly to the nuclear testing by India that forced its eastern neighbour to come to the negotiating table and discuss all outstanding issues, including the Kashmir dispute. He said his party would never compromise on the integrity and solidarity of the country and it was up to the people to identify those who bartered the national interests.