Pakistans bourses during the week ending Friday last depicted the true picture of the dwindling economy that is on the bumpy road to recovery with sentimental hazards emanating from political unsteadiness and security vulnerabilities. As capital markets are universally considered as reflection of the respective economies, economic perplexities in the pre-budget scenario were actually replicated in the mixed sentiment that prevailed in the local bourses throughout the last week. Players were weird of too much talk about taxation as the month of annual fiscal policy approaches. Foreign fund managers also registered fresh selling perhaps due to the shift in tone of the Administration in Washington. Until recently foreign investors remained as consistent buyers unlike the local players that mostly waver along swings in the domestic politics. But they too appeared to have now joined the bandwagon of securing portfolios during the week that was. The American influence was not alone to caution the foreign traders in Pakistani stocks, the ripples of European debt crisis also forced them to book available margins. Players were also waiting for some market support fund to be constituted that is why partly they opted the sidelines. Thus the market was directionless and volumes were on the low side throughout the week under review. Players started their week with indecisiveness as certain foreign players registered early selling on Monday last. During the later half of the day the market not only recovered the loss by then it has suffered but also registered nominal increase in the indexed value. Karachi Stock Exchanges KSE-100 Index edged up by a tinny fraction of a percentile. Bears finally gripped the market on the following day and it fell by nearly a percentile on Tuesday last. According to the traders they witnessed heavy selling pressure mounted by both the local and foreign players. By midweek the market again fell prey to the mixed trend syndrome, as by then there was least clarity about the release of the International Monetary Funds tranche that at length has been approved by now. Pundits were hopeful that the arrival of the funds into the account of the central bank on May 18 as it has stated would have a positive impact on the volumes of the trade if not on the direction. Some players having forehand sense if not information about the IMF coming down once again generously on Pakistan played well during the second last session of the week that was. By picking up some selected stocks available at trimmed prices they helped the index better by half a percentile during the second last session of the week. On Friday that was the last session of the week, the market was again without a clear direction and indexed slipped minimally amid mixed sentiment.