The misuse of power for personal benefit is what Pakistan is now notorious for. The country holds the dubious honour of being tops in corruption in almost every field. Our political parties, government departments, private organizations, all are known for being stricken with the blight. Almost every Pakistanis has a story to tell about some bitter experience of corruption. Our governments have failed spectacularly in eliminating fraud and graft from the country and that has undermined the public confidence in government machinery totally. Recently, an initiative of a very novel kind was proposed that aimed to root out corruption from government departments through use of mobile. It is known as 'The Jhang Model' in media because of the fact that it has been used in district Jhang with some success. It is very simple, cost effective and public-friendly. In this method, mobile phones are used to track oft-used avenues of corruption in rather more direct ways. What is done is that all clerks/field staff that handle public work in offices are required to submit a daily list of transactions, paid amounts and the mobile-phone numbers of members of the public involved in these transactions. These members of the public are then contacted by phone randomly to find out whether they have been asked to pay any bribe or commission. Then, action is taken against a clerk/official if he/she has asked for any bribe or commission. -AZEEM AHMED, Lahore, May 13.