LAHORE - Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has said that Police Stations (PSs) were the center of the system for provision of speedy justice and redressing the grievances of common man, hence change in Thana culture was the need of the hour in order to change the destiny of the country. He said to maintain law and order and come up to the expectations of the masses, Police Stations will have to serve as the source of justice to the people rather than becoming the hotbeds of corruption and exploitations. He was addressing Regional and District Police Officers of the province at CMs Secretariat here on Sunday. He said political interference in the affairs of the police department has been completely checked and it will be a great misfortune if police still failed to serve as guardian of law-abiding citizens and win peoples confidence. He said despite passage of 63 years, the poor have to run from pillar to post for solution of their problems. Chief Secretary Punjab, Inspector General Police, Secretaries of Home, Prosecution and Information Departments and DG Public Relations were also present on the occasion. Addressing the police officers, the CM said police has rewritten history by rendering supreme sacrifices in the war against terrorism and the whole nation is proud of it. However, he said as far as common policing is concerned, the goal of transforming Thana culture has still not been achieved despite increase in the salaries of police and provision of other facilities. He said complainants are still reluctant to go to Police Stations for the solution of their problems. He said if a rich person goes to a Police station or hospital, the entire staff is engaged in welcoming him and giving him protocol, whereas, a common man has to face the rude and harsh behavior of the staff at police stations and the same is the case at hospitals. He said if the trend to extend courtesy and respect to criminals at Police stations and to treat the aggrieved as the wrongdoer was not checked, this evil would creep in the whole society. He said time has come to critically analyse the entire situation so the additional resources were provided to the Police. The CM further said he feels sorry that the promises made to the masses have not been honoured and neither Thana culture has been changed nor the grievances of the common man are redressed. He said in the present scenario, provision of justice and improvement of social conditions of the masses is the collective responsibility of the government and the society. He said the Punjab government has promoted good governance in the province and all recruitments in the Police Department have been made on merit and in a transparent manner. He said the most modern forensic lab of south Asia costing Rs1.5 billion will be completed this year which will help improve crime investigation process. He said Punjab government has increased financial assistance for the families of Police martyrs to Rs3 million and a comprehensive system has been adopted for providing them education and health facilities. He said law-enforcement agencies would have to play an active role for prevention and controlling crime. He said independent judiciary and media are a blessing for the country and judiciary is making its decisions independently and fearlessly after March 16. He said the Police Department will win the respect of all pillars of the society if it provided justice to people and ensured protection of life and property of the common man. He said Punjab government has increased the salaries of Police and ensure its due respect and dignity therefore, Police will have to promise that it will not disappoint the nation and provide justice to the poor and aggrieved. He said that police succeeded in controlling the oppressors and upholding justice it will not only win the respect of the people but also the blessings of Allah Almighty. Earlier, Inspector General of Police Tariq Saleem Dogar addressing the meeting said that the Police force is fully alert and active under the leadership of CM Punjab and is utilising all available resources to meet the expectations of the people. He said solid measures are being taken for elimination of corruption from Police Department and an effective system of monitoring has been evolved for this purpose. Chief Secretary Punjab Nasir Mehmood Khosa said that the nation is facing the challenge of terrorism and extremism and the brave Police officers and jawans are fighting this menace. He said the measures taken for checking the trend of registration of bogus FIRs and curbing the incidents of cattle-lifting and water-theft have started yielding positive results. He said police is also playing an affective role for checking the incidents of sectarian violence, kidnapping for ransom and the arrest of proclaimed offenders. Police officers, present in the meeting expressed their resolve to utilise all their energies for rooting out crime from the society, changing Thana culture and solution of problems of the common man.