I have been delighted to learn that another scam has unraveled in India. It involves a Rs. 600 billion loss to the exchequer and to the Indian taxpayer. Like our own blessed country, India is also blessed with the blight and Indian politicians too are least bothered about this. The story of the scam revolves around one A. Raja, the Union Cabinet Minister for Telecoms. Interestingly like our heroes, messrs Babar Awan, Rehman Malik, Naveed Qamar and others, he is also still firmly ensconced in his cabinet seat. In corruption, at least, we are a good match for India or they for us, whichever way you will. The Indian Prime Minister is in a very critical situation as he too is forced to tolerate this corrupt minister, just like our Prime Minister Gilani. Mr Raja (of the Indian cabinet) belongs to a regional party that has immense bargaining power, very like our MQM, you know. The people of India expect the Prime Minister to strip the corrupt minister of his position and force him to face an inquiry but he cannot do that since Manmohan Singh is as weak as Prime Minister Gilani. One little difference between India and Pakistan, though. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is not making money. If the amount being wheeled-dealed in the scams that we keep hearing about is distributed among the poverty-stricken communities of this country, Pakistan would be a better place to be. It is an irony that politicians of Pakistani brand of democracy can hardly find money to alleviate poverty and improve infrastructure despite the fact that billions are flowing through the fingers of our corrupt top officials. I wonder why the Supreme Court has not taken any step so far about those who had taken massive loans from banks and then got them written off? They included a woman who happens to be the First Lady of Pakistan these days. -S. MAHMOOD, Lahore, May 16.