LAHORE The Annual Royal Palm tennis and squash competitions for 2010 will commence at Royal Palm Tennis and Squash courts from Monday (today). Some amazingly talented youngsters will prove that as a result of training and guidance received at these facilities, they have developed into players who can compete well at all levels of the game within the country. A total of 110 entries have been received from intending eligible participants and while most of them possess suitably appreciable skills in tennis and squash, there are some who appear as the young ones likely to dominate the top positions. In squash, players like Omer Salamat, Junaid Ahmed, Junaid Ashraf Khawaja have won accolades in the past also and the likely threat is going to come from at least a dozen challengers who have geared up their stamina and skills and are now capable of lasting the full stretch of five games if the match goes to the limit and one expects that right from the first round the matches are going to be worth watching. The Director Traxx, M.Junaid stated that squash courts at Royal Palm are in the best shape and competing youngsters are going to like the playing conditions. As for tennis, quite a few players have spent considerable time getting ready for this big occasion and out of the thirty who make up the main group of prominent participants the powerful serves will come from Khurram Aman,Madih Umair, Hassan Farid, Hamza Shah and Sheryar Salamat. No doubt the temperatures are a little too high, yet the young ones do not seem perturbed by this act of Nature and hope to dazzle the challengers with ability and quality play.