MOGADISHU (Reuters) Heavy shelling pounded Somalias capital on Sunday, killing at least 24 people and wounding dozens, as parliaments speaker said lawmakers had passed a vote of no confidence in government. Speaker Sheikh Aden Madobe said he had called on the countrys president to form a new government. A member of the parliament secretariat who did not want to be identified confirmed the votes outcome. 280 voted against the government, 30 in favour and eight remained silent. Therefore we will request President Sheikh Sharif to form a govt urgently, Madobe told Reuters by telephone. Parliament met for the first time since December as al Qaeda-linked al Shabaab fighters fired mortars at the parliament building, triggering a return of shellfire from African Union peacekeepers. A rights group put the death toll from the fighting at 24 people as heavy exchanges of mortar-fire continued after the legislators meeting ended. The death toll has now hit 24 and it may rise as the terrible shelling still continues. Mogadishus hospitals are full of wounded people. So far we have counted at least 58 injured people, Ali Yahin Gedi, vice chairman of the Elman group said. He said hundreds of families were fleeing with the belongings they could carry from at least five of the capitals districts. Analysts say President Sheikh Sharif Ahmed has failed to deliver on the hope he would be able to unite some of the countrys warring factions and establish a greater degree of central power following his election in January 2009. Many Somalis have grown increasingly disillusioned at the politicians failure to curb the fighting and tackle corruption.