ISLAMABAD (APP) Swat, the Switzerland of the east, has started to cast its spell yet again as militants in Malakand Division have been routed out completely and tourism industry is gradually gearing up to meet the expectations of tourists thronging from rest of the country. Majeed Saqib, the owner of a two star hotel in Swat told APP until now tourism industry had been worst hit industry in the region as militants occupied the hotels and converted them into their stronghold. "They ransacked every hotel, looted furniture and attached paraphernalia and converted the region in a ghost town", Majeed Saqib went on to narrate horrific details of the days when Taliban held their sway in the city. A swift and decisive army action saw Taliban retreating to the grooves. Army took up the menace head on and rendered supreme sacrifices. The mass exodus of population as a result of army operation had been the shortest one in the history of mankind. The people managed to go back to their native towns after the operation. But the ordeal of tourism industry was not yet over as people from the rest of the country were reluctant to go and see the rise of a new dawn. Hotel owners association took stock of the situation and announced remedial measures. Association removed the price tag and stay in any hotel was declared free for a stipulated period of time. Free pick and drop and gifts for children were also arranged for and media organisations were invited to ascertain the situation themselves. Resultantly the region saw a surge in tourism. Ahmad Ali a tourist from Lahore said revival of tourism in Swat was significant in more than one way. It showed resilience of Pakistani nation against odds. The revival of tourism suggests our nation will pay any price to safeguard its life style, he concluded.