ISLAMABAD Pakistan is to bear enormous cost of Rs 235 billion in 2012-13 on its counter terrorism strategy, 88 per cent more than Rs 125 billion allocated in the budget 2009-2010 after the PPP-led government owned the US-led war. As per official projections, the countrys defence expenditures estimated for next four years would increase by 60 per cent to Rs 500 billion in 2012-13. At the same time the war on terror is going to cost to the tune of Rs 235 billion in 2012-13. It is pertinent to mention here that war on terror budget not only goes to the defence but it also has a sizeable share of the civilian law enforcement apparatus. Therefore, war on terror budget primarily goes to the two ministries namely Defence and Interior. Expenditures estimated on account of war on terror for the next four years suggest a phenomenal increase up to 88 per cent from Rs 125 billion recorded in 2009-10 to Rs 235 billion in 2012-13. While the overall defence expenditure of the country estimated for the same period would increase by 60 per cent from Rs 343 billion to Rs 500 billion. The budget 2010-11 proposal documents available with TheNation suggest that costs of war on terror would increase phenomenally by 48 per cent from Rs 125 in 2009-10 to Rs 185 billion in 2010-11, as it has already increased by 23 per cent to Rs 154 billion in the revised estimates of the last budget. These costs were covered under two heads including contingent liabilities and miscellaneous grants. The officials have attributed the increase largely to both the inflation and devaluation of rupee against the US dollar. The documents suggest that costs on war on terror revised to Rs 154 billion in 2009-10 would increase 20 per cent to the tune of estimated Rs 185 billion for the year 2010-11. Similarly, the projected cost for the year 2011-12 has been estimated to be Rs 205 billion and Rs 235 billion estimated for the year 2012-13. As regards the Defence Expenditures in 2010-11 these are estimated to be at Rs 442, with an increase of 46 per cent from Rs 343 billion in 2009-10. According to the revised estimates of 2009-10 the defence budget stands at Rs 378 billion. Similarly projections for defence budget 2011-12 suggest that it would rise up to Rs 477 billion and it is projected to further increase up to Rs 500 billion in 2012-13.