ISLAMABAD On reading the story of illegal stay against her fellow Danish journalist in Pakistan, Ms Lona Cheils, who claimed to be the correspondent of Danish newspaper Politiken in United Kingdom, rang up Editor TheNation Dr Shireen Mazari and complained her about the publishing of the news item in a rude fashion. The lady was reminded that her fellow journalist, Ms Puk Damsgard Anderson was flouting the countrys laws and illegally staying in the country. All what the newspaper had published was correct and there was nothing done below the norms of the profession, Lona was made aware of. But, the lady blew hot and cold and said that the newspaper had endangered her life by publishing the news item. Whereas, the fact of the matter is that Ms Anderson had herself put her life to risk by engaging herself in dubious and clandestine activities in the country which led to the cancellation of her visa.