HUNZA (Online) The water level at landslide-triggered lake in Atabad area of Hunza, has fast risen to 353 foot level and overflowing of Hunza lake looks on the cards. According to Focus Foundation sources, people residing in the danger zone are being stressed to migrate to safer places, as the lake has risen to a threatening level of 353 foot level owing to the rapid meltdown of glacier in the last two days. It is worth mentioning here that 18 to 22 feet cusecs of water is falling into the lake while, water flowing out of the lake at seven different points is recorded at 80 to 84 cusecs. The water is fast approaching to the lakes mouth, where a spillway has been constructed for water outflow. The water will start pouring out of the spillway within a couple of days and this will be the moment when a massive flood is being feared as a result of huge outpouring of water or breakdown of spillway under severe pressure. According to the survey, some experts voiced apprehension that the mountain present on each side of the spillway could throw its debris down at the time of water outpouring and may again cause the closure of lakes passage. About 18 relief camps have been set up in Gilgit and Hunza. Meanwhile, the people still living in an area declared as Danger Zone have been sternly warned to migrate to the relief camps. APP adds: It is being feared that the Ataabad lake bank, if leaked or busted, could affect all five districts of Hazara Division. According to a private news channel, while people living on the bank of Indus River have been directed to vacate the area in the wake of growing water level in Ataabad Lake. Oogi, Kala Dhaka and Darband areas of Mansehra District, Shalnai, Jambela, Sost Viyar, Thakot, Goryal Bala, Goryal Payan and Kund areas of Battagram District, Basham area of Shangla District have been put on red alert. Similarly, Dasu, Pattan, Dobair and Pamela area of Kohistan while Batal area of Abbotabad could be affected by the flooding. According to former federal minister Azam Khan, 300 to 400 families have migrated from Thakot area of Battagram.