The murder of Sanaullah, one of our prisoners in Kashmir jail, who was brutally attacked by Indian inmates, in retaliation to Indian prisoner Sarabjit Singh who died at the hands of his inmate’s brutal beating, should open our eyes. There are some difference between Sarabjit Singh and Sanaullah,

Sarabjit Singh death was deeply regretted by Pakistan and a high level inquiry was ordered, he was given best possible medical aid, but he did not survive and his body was transported to India. He was a terrorist, sponsored by India, who accepted that he was a RAW agent. He was duly acknowledged by them and was given a state funeral and awarded gun salute for his services rendered in national interest.

The Indian media campaign and politicians raised a hue and cry blaming Pakistan, which is understandable, but a group of apologists in Pakistan, also joined hands with them. This is beyond my comprehension! While siding with them they forget the daily atrocities against Kashmiris, the inhuman treatment to our prisoners, ‘Samjhota Express’ episode, water terrorism and insurgency in Balochistan and RAW operating in Fata, in collaboration with Afghan agents?

All this suffering at the hands of the Indians, did not dissuade leaders like Nawaz Sharif and Najam Sethi, who is now the Caretaker Chief Minister Punjab from not siding with them. During a recent interview with Indian journalist Karan Thapar, Nawaz Sharif talked about every subject concerning India, disregarding our national interests and lost the golden opportunity to protest against terrorist activities of Sarabjit Singh, where 14 people were killed. He did not utter a single word on the cold-blooded murder of Pakistani prisoner Sanaullah in Indian Jail. It is good to be neighborly and friendly but we must have some self-respect and dignity when dealing with such a two faced neighbor and a long time enemy. Once an enemy always an enemy!


Karachi, May 9.