Newly elected PML-N MNA Ch Jaffar Iqbal has said that the electorate in district Gujrat including NA-106 constituency has politically wiped out the PPP and its allies forever and have given a clear mandate to PML-N again to steer the country out of crises.

“The people think that the PML-N could initiate people-friendly policies to pull the country from the existing quagmire of crises,” he said addressing the people who came from different areas of his constituency to congratulate him on his success.

He said that in the elections, the people had not been misled by any false promises and clearly reposed their trust in the PML-N. He reiterated that the elections had become a hallmark in the history of the country. “We thank Almighty Allah who blessed us with unprecedented success,” he said. He assured the people that he would not deceive his voters and supporters and would make every possible effort to mitigate their sufferings.

DACOITS SWEEPS HOUSE: A dozen of armed culprits stormed into a house and made off with valuables worth Rs2.2 million. The dacoits also subjected the family members to torture and injured them when they put up resistance.

As per details, some 10,12 armed bandits trespassed into the house of one Mehr Muhammad Yaqoob, took the entire family hostage at gunpoint and started collecting valuables. In the meantime the culprits tortured the family members when they attempted to overpower them.

According to the family members, the dacoits took away Rs350,000, 35 tolas of gold ornaments, cellphones and other valuables. On the other hand, the City Police expressed ignorance of the incident when contacted for comment.