PML-N MNA Malik Rasheed Ahmed Khan defeated two former foreign ministers in NA-140 Kasur and won the slot of MNA by getting 68,460 votes in the general elections of 2013.

There was very tough competition in this constituency because the two former foreign ministers were also contesting from this constituency. Sardar Assef Ahmed Ali got 19,267 votes as an independent candidate while Khurseed Mehmood Kasuri of PTI got 30,414 votes.

On the other hand, Dr Azeemuddin Lakhwi contested election on the common ticket of PML-Q and PPP while Malik Rasheed Ahmed Khan of PML-N got 68,460 votes and won the slot of MNA from NA-140 Kasur. Khursheed Mehmood Kasuri was very hopeful in this constituency and he worked very hard to get PTI ticket but Malik defeated Kasuri by 38,046 votes.

The NA-140 was also important due to Dr Azeemuddin Lakhwi competition with Malik Rasheed because Lakhwi lost the seat from Malik in the last by-elections on very close margin. It was interesting to mention here that Malik family of Kasur demanded three party tickets from PML-N chief Nawaz Sharif and remained successful in all three seats of NA-140, PP-178 and PP-179 Kasur. But Dr Azeemuddin refused to accept the result.

Over 60 per cent turnout was witnessed in all five NA and 10 PP constituencies. According to the result announced by the Election Commission of Pakistan, the turnout was 66.50 percent in NA-138, 62 per cent in NA-139, 63.74 per cent in NA-140, 62.78 per cent in NA-141 and 64.48 per cent in NA-142.

In Sahiwal, the Pakistan Muslims League Nawaz won 3 seats out of 4 National Assembly seats and 6 out of 7 Provincial Assembly seats.

The PTI won one National Assembly and one provincial assembly seats. The Pakistan People Party and PML-Q failed to get a single seat in these elections. In elections of 2008, the PPP won 2 National Assembly seats and two Provincial Assembly seats and the PML-N got only one seat of National Assembly and one of Provincial Assembly while PML-Q also won one National Assembly and 4 Provincial Assembly seats.  PML-N candidate Syed Imran Ahmed Shah won the NA-160 seat in Sahiwal by getting 99,153 votes while Ali Shokar of PTI bagged 37,846 votes and remained runner-up.

Likewise in NA-161, PML-N candidate Muhammad Ashraf won by bagging 93,800 votes while PTI candidate Muhammad Yar Dhakoo got 43,540 vote and was runner-up while PPP candidate Mahr Ghulam Farid Kathia was at number 4.

PTI candidate Rai Hassan Nawaz for NA-162 got 88,004 votes and remained victorious by defeating independent candidate who was supported by PML-N’s Haji Muhammad Ayub who got 75,430 votes.

PML-N candidate for NA-163 Chudhry Muhammad Munir Azhar won by bagging 88,853 votes and defeated PML-Q candidate Noman Langerial who got 66,863 votes and was runner-up. Similarly in PP-220, Khizar Hayat Khagga won by thumping majority and defeated independent candidate Haji Manzoor Ali.

PML-N candidate for PP-221 Malik Nadeem Kamran bagged 55,245 votes while PTI candidate Haji Sheikh Muhammad remained runner-up with 27,706 votes. Malik Muhammad Arshad PML-N candidate for PP-222 got 37,087 votes and stood first while Independent candidate Jalal Din Dhakoo got 27,403 votes.

In PP-223, PML-N candidate Irshad Lodhi won by bagging 42,543 votes while PTI candidate Irshad Hussain Kathia was runner-up with 16,783 votes. In PP-224 PTI candidate Waheed Asghar Dogar won by bagging 42,587 votes and PML-N candidate Rana Basit Riaz remained runner-up by 34582 votes.

Similarly, PML-N candidate Muhammad Arshad Jatt for PP-225 became winner by getting 45,555 votes and defeated PTI candidate Ray Murtaza Iqbal who got 36,054 votes. In PP-226, PML-N candidate Muhammad Hanif Jat won by obtaining 49,402 votes and defeated PML-Q candidate Amna Naweed Langerial who got 40,594 votes.