LAHORE - After taking charge of the government, PML-N has started deliberations over such measures which will provide an overview to the people of its bona fide intentions in its first 100 days of governance.

Able and competent individuals are being put in charge of institutions, and made members of board of governors to pull the country out of the crises and restore state organs which would ensure the government was heading in right direction.

Although Nawaz Sharif is set to take charge of the office of prime minister, he has started getting briefings about the current situation.

Even before the conduct of elections, PML-N team had focused on a strategy for betterment of economy, solution to energy crisis, elimination of terrorism and relief for the common man. But, Nawaz Sharif three days since the victory in general elections has been continuing the process of briefings from energy experts to deal with energy shortfall on priority basis. Nawaz is also getting briefings on reorganization of institutions.

Sources said genuine and competent people would be brought to lead Pakistan International Airlines, Pakistan Railways, Pakistan Steel Mills and such other institutions and corporations; competence would be preferred for board of governors and the culture of favoritism would be wiped off.

Asked what revolution could be brought within 100 days and what does invitation to controversial politician like Maulana Fazlur Rehman for participation in government mean after PML-N’s getting majority, PML-N spokesperson Senator Mushahidullah Khan, former Planning and Development Think Tank chief Sartaj Aziz and central leader Hamza Shahbaz expressed similar views, saying it was true that no revolution could be brought to end energy crisis, economic meltdown, terrorism or corruption within 100 days, but the people would come to know that the government was heading toward right direction.

After 100 days, the people would be able to know that the government, coming for five years, had begun in an appropriate manner. The PML-N leaders said nothing remained hidden from the media now and they knew of good and bad people. “So, we hope that you would express satisfaction on performance of our government’s first 100 days. They said the purpose behind taking Maulana Fazlur Rehman along was to establish strong democracy and strong government in the country.

Presenting the national agenda before other groups and to get their confidence, despite getting the majority vote, was in the country’s interest. They also said that solution to these issues and other important issues lied in national consensus.