Minister for Information and Broadcasting Arif Nizami on Friday hoped that the new upcoming government will be sworn in before 1st June.

Addressing a news conference in Lahore‚ he said elections were held‚ by and large‚ in a fair and transparent manner.

The Minister urged all political parties to respect each other's mandate and avoid making general elections controversial.

He said there have been complaints about irregularities in elections and the Election Commission is taking care of them as re-polling or recounting has been ordered in several cases.

The Information Minister said the caretaker government has fulfilled its responsibility of holding elections in a transparent manner.

He said despite a host of challenges including threat of terrorism‚ the elections were held and no major untoward incident took place.

He said the caretaker government was able to maintain law and order on polling day without blocking mobile phone service as was repeatedly done in the past harming commercial interests of companies and creating problems for users.

The Minister said the next stage of transfer of power would be completed as soon as the Election Commission completes formalities especially official notification of the returned candidates.

He said the future political scenario is now almost clear as PML (N) has attained simple majority in the National Assembly to form the Government at the Centre.

The party has also achieved majority in the Punjab Assembly while PPP and MQM would form government in Sindh. PTI in cooperation with Jamaat-e-Islami would form the government in KPK while there are indications that PML (N) would form the government in Balochistan with the help of other parties.

The Information Minister said as result of the elections‚ the democratic institutions would be strengthened. He said for the first time smooth democratic transition is taking place from one government to another.

Referring to the forthcoming visit of the Chinese Prime Minister to Pakistan‚ he said this is economically and strategically very important visit.

The Information Minister said the interim government instituted an endowment fund to help families of journalist who lay down their lives during performance of their professional responsibilities in conflict zones.