ISLAMABAD- Islamabad Region Cricket Association (IRCA) president Shakil Shaikh termed the election of Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) chairman Chaudhry M Zaka Ashraf transparent and in line with provisions of the newly-promulgated PCB constitution, which was approved in consultation with the ICC, as a result whichPakistanbecame compliant to the ICC requirements.

“Zaka Ahraf's election as a PCB chief on May 8 for four years was in line with the provisions of the PCB constitution," said Shakil Shaikh, who is also member of the PCB governing board and participated in the democratic process to elect the chairman in a meeting held here.

Shakil expressed his thanks to the ICC and the government ofPakistanfor giving this great cricketing nation a comprehensive document in the shape of constitution which is at par with international standards.

Shakil took serious note of hue and cry being created by some disgruntled and frustrated elements over the democratically elected PCB chairman. "It is a historic step that the PCB governing board has elected Zaka as its chairman and it will go a long way for promotion of cricket." He said some mischief-mongers were making noises for their own vested interest. “These elements don't want democratic process to take place in their own regions, as they have been enjoying their unconstitutionally-lingered expired tenure as office-bearers of their respective regions on one or the other pretext. People in their own regions are creating voices against their unconstitutional rule," he added.

He said in view of the situation, some regional heads, who were trying to continue as regional office-bearers beyond their constitutional tenure, were trying to mislead the honorable courts. He advised such elements to avoid entering into legal battle against the democratic process, which was taking place with the advent of the PCB constitution. The shift from nominated chairman to elected PCB chief would help in promotingPakistancricket under the dynamic leadership of Zaka Ashraf.

Shaikh also lauded dedicated and devoted services the PCB chief had rendered to bring international cricket back toPakistan. "Zaka has taken multiple steps to steer Pakistan cricket, introduced democratic norms to run cricket, upgraded and uplifted cricket infrastructure, jacked up financial health of the board, maintained good relations with international cricket fraternity, and did whatever was possible with the involvement of all the stakeholders," he added.

“I foresee prosperous and glorious future ofPakistancricket under the able leadership of Zaka Ashraf and hope all the stakeholders will extend unflinching and unwavering support to him in his endeavour to takePakistancricket to new heights,” Shakil concluded.