Today, like you, I, too feel proud to see that the elections of 2013 have been held against all odds. I salute the democratic spirits of my people and am grateful to everyone! This downtrodden nation has its own indomitable will, resoluteness and stoic courage, both in time of peace and war. The pre-election killing spree and unrest gave birth to propaganda, both at home and abroad, but I am glad to see a brave nation walk out in a hail of gunfire to vote on May 11.

The election 2013 has set an example for the nations of world; I bet no single country would have opted to go for elections in the face of such crucial circumstances; as we are facing for the last one decade. Thus, the nation has sent a message to the world that our bleeding hearts are filled with democratic spirit and that we have just translated this into a reality, by holding election amid threats from extremists and so many other pressures.


Kurram Agency, May 11.