Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah was interviewed by a foreign journalist who was unable to fathom the philosophy of the ‘Two Nation Theory’ and was insisting that Hindus were docile people and Muslims had nothing to worry from them. The Quaid replied, “You have only seen slave Hindu, you have no idea what Hindu is when he is a master”. Well, those who did not respect the Quaid’s vision and understanding should start paying homage to his vision now. Sanaullah, a Pakistani imprisoned in Indian jail is the latest testimony to this mindset.

Take late Sarbjit Singh, who met an unfortunate and violent death, while imprisoned in Pakistan. He was a terrorist of a superior class than Ajmal Kasab. He was sent by RAW, which is now acclaiming him as one of their fallen heroes. The official and ceremonial burial bestowed on Sarbjit Singh is a testimony to the fact that he was acting not as a lone crusader, but under direction and tutelage of state agencies. Now the world still remembers Ajaml Kasab as Pakistani terrorists and Sarbjit as an innocent Indian hero who mistakenly came to Pakistan? This world has never been a just place, to begin with.

But when our courts handed death sentence to Sarabjit Singh, we did not execute him in haste like India did. Our compassion was tested by the many appeals for clemency that started flooding into Pakistan. Everyone was begging for mercy and clemency, what on earth was that for? Sarbjit Singh was a terrorist, convicted by courts and sentenced to death, as was Ajmal Kasab. But Ajmal Kasab was an unfortunate man, son of a lesser being. He was not granted the clemency and his plea for mercy was rejected by Indian President in 2012. His body was not returned to Pakistan!

Sarabjit Singh’s death sentence was changed to life imprisonment by President Zardari in Jun 2012 (giving a favour which India refused to return). That decision laid the foundation for the current state of affairs. Had Sarbjit been executed as per the court verdict, we would have been saved from this awkward and unfortunate incident. The fact that Sarbjit met with a violent end cannot be condoned. He should have been kept in safe custody to complete his term. His death has brought negative focus on Pakistan.

It is state TV channels that are keeping the story of Sanaullah alive. Left to private channels, Sanaullah could have been easily brushed aside. Election hype could have conveniently overshadowed the plight of a fellow Pakistani. This by no means is an exception rather a pattern that anything which portrays us as unholy, savage and extremist gets out of proportion coverage. But same act committed by India is brushed under the carpet. Take the case of match fixing or corruption in cricket, when it involves a Pakistani, the world media, and our media is no exception, shout foul. But when the same allegations are leveled against Indian players, the matter is tactfully silenced. It is good to be self-critical with intent to improve but not to project one’s self through the lens of our enemies.


Lahore, May 9.