HAFIZABADA local NGO SINCERE has called on the PML-N chief and upcoming Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and PTI Chief Imran Khan to ensure presentation of a bill in the National Assembly to adopt austerity to reduce pay, privilege and perks of parliamentarian to decrease burden on national exchequer. The SINCERE office-bearers pointed out that as most of the elected representatives belong to capitalists, industrialists and landlords, well-to-do segment of society, they should work as servants of the nation and country without getting any emoluments.  However, if they want to get salaries and other perks it should be cut to half and the funds saved be provided as subsidy on essential items like flour, sugar, pulses, ghee, fertilisers and agricultural tube-wells. They also called on them to abolish Utility Store Corporation as it had turned out to be white elephant to the national exchequer.