The cold blooded murder of a lawyer, fighting a blasphemy case, has sparked anger in many people and countries. The lawyer was threatened openly in court but no one provided him protection. There are no two opinions about this law now. The state is not taking any action to tighten this law or define it more clearly. Judicial apathy has killed one of its own. The worst reaction comes from ‘free media’ considering that their response was almost total ignorance and every channel refrained from giving any opinion, afraid of the consequences. The gun-toting ‘guardians’ of our faith roam the streets, killing anyone who differs from their opinion of Islam.

Extremism is holding the nation hostage and it has become evident that all banned and extremist outfits enjoy some sort of approval from the state. This has also sent signals to all moderate elements that the state is no more with the common masses. This turn of affairs is very dangerous. The state seems to be taking refuge in the lap of the far right extremists for its own survival. Our once moderate and tolerant society has been turned into a violent, intolerant and extremist monstrosity.


Australia, May 14.