Last night while I was on my way home, I was pulled over by the federal police for a routine security check at the F-8 roundabout. I had all my documentation and was not worried. I showed them all the documents they asked for and then they asked me to open the engine of my car. At this, I was surprised and when they reported that the chassis number were not too clearly engraved, I had to put my foot down, I informed them that this must be an error on the manufacturers part as I had nothing to do with the chassis numbers.

The police, who are there to provide us protection have the worst attitude as well as most seem barely educated and arguing with them is equivalent to banging your head against a brick wall! After a 20 minutes argument, they finally cleared me. The whole episode was pretty disappointing, is the police for our security or for only causing us trouble?


Islamabad, May 15.