With a rise in social and economic problems, the average man is becoming impatient and intolerant. In the race to get richer by hook or by crook we tend to overrule all Islamic principles. We are ready to cheat while selling, tend to weigh less, mix discarded items to cheat buyers and tell innumerable lies to promote our business. In reality all of this is forbidden in Islam. None of this happens in the West, thus are they not better human beings than us?

We live in insecurity and the state provides no future thus this fear compels us to protect ourselves by fair or foul means and the only security in Pakistan is money! Starting from a vegetable vendor to a Minister; everyone is busy collecting personal wealth. When such a trends develops in a society - God is not pleased. He then shows his wrath by inflicting natural disasters. We have seen the floods, earthquakes and drought in Sindh. It is time we said a collective ‘Tobah’ and mended our ways before we are completely annihilated as many nations have been before.


Attock, May 14.