According to Supreme Court of Pakistan, Karachi’s main political parties are responsible for patronizing criminal gangs, yet in the of IG Sindh’s opinion, political parties have been consulted. How is it possible to restore law and order when those involved in heinous crimes are backed and supported by rich political leaders? When our police is under scrutiny and subject to powerful criminal mafia’ interference? There has to be some upholders of law or there would be complete anarchy in Karachi! The whole purpose of maintaining and arming uniformed security services comes to naught if the state is subjected to blackmail and dictated by groups that law enforcers have to seek consent from, before proceeding against criminals.

Can anybody imagine a senator in USA or a parliamentarian in UK threatening to bring a major financial hub such as Karachi to a standstill, if his/her demands are not met? What would have been the response of establishment in Pakistan, if an angry Baloch leader threatened to do something similar, or a congressman made a similar threat to grind to a halt New York or Chicago? If we are to restore sanity in this country, enforce supremacy of constitutional rule, than police, para-military forces or judiciary must not be slave to individual power brokers, erring politicians or bureaucrats.


Lahore, May 14.