When religion starts to govern multi-disciplinary factions within a predominantly religious state it only gets out of control. Pakistan has one of the harshest, most lethal blasphemy laws. The law in itself is not the problem but its flagrant, at times racially ethnic abuse is. The legislation is ambiguously crafted and discrepantly speculative. The judiciary also adds little to its discernment and leaves a lot to our subjective imagination with the liberty to be as creative as we possibly.

An unfortunate trail of events, hitting people of all ranks, is a demonstration of how the government is succumbing to militants (who are promoting this law). Rashid Rehman’s death was not murder of one man but strangulation of the voice that dared to speak against terrorists. Silencing this voice would be the actual death of the slain lawyer and his arduous endeavors, even in the face of imminent death. The Government needs to make Article 295 of the Pakistani Penal Code, water tight, allowing transparent manifestation, and they should stop peddling the motives of extremists.


United Kingdom, May 13.