The attack on peaceful citizens, resulting in brutal and cold blooded murder of members of Ismailia community, whose spiritual leader Agha Khan was in the forefront, offering financial support for political struggle, waged by Quaid-e-Azam. What this country needs is a ruthless operation, across the board, to crush all those involved in terrorism, irrespective of whether they are affiliated with any political or religious party, funded by friendly countries or our declared foes. Remember that struggle for creation of Pakistan was waged by politicians of integrity, not by religious forces, nor was there any armed rebellion against occupation.

The dangers that Pakistan is confronted from within, is from few mislead citizens, funded by foreign forces and also from extremist elements within this country, including remnants of Zia era. As for Sind Government, what can be more pathetic than the controversial scam, in which corrupt members of bureaucracy and political elite tried to import substandard armored vehicles for the police, in a province where law and order situation is even worse than FATA?

Every time citizens are massacred, there are condemnations, followed by announcements of compensation. Mere lip service or show of emotions, without any concrete steps is nothing but hypocrisy. This is a serious security lapse in a city, where semi-emergency is already in force and paramilitary forces have been entrusted the task to tackle terrorists. It is unfortunate that our PM lacks statesmanship and is totally unaware of sensitivities of citizens suffering endless pain.

The meeting of all political party heads, to discuss economic corridor, could have gone on but it should have commenced only after a strong message of condemnation with a decision to mount ruthless operation against all those who harbor private militias. It was uncouth for the PM to mention lunch! Can all those who were sitting in the meeting have proceeded with business as usual, if any of fatalities were their own sons or daughters?


Malaysia, May 13.