BAHAWALPUR-Minister of Railways Khawaja Saad Rafiq said that a sum of Rs280 million will be spent for making Bahawalpur Railways Station as a model.

In the first phase, he said, nine will be made model railway stations while Bahawalpur station has been prioritised on merit. He said that the institution had been taken out of losses and put on the way to development; every possible step will be taken for the development of Bahawalpur city.

Saad expressed these thoughts while talking to the members of Economic Development Forum at Circuit House Bahawalpur and later addressing the ground breaking ceremony of Model Railway Station Bahawalpur.

He said that when he took over the charge of Railways Ministry, the total income of Railways was Rs12 billion per annum which has now increased to Rs35.5 billion; in Railways, merit has been promoted while culture of bribe and corruption has been discouraged.

The said that system of Railways had been disrupted to such an extent that now it has to be corrected from ground. “We have laid the foundation of development and if the governments to come do not pay attention, Railways’ development will become only a dream in Pakistan,” he said.

He said that in the next 3 months, quota system will be finished from Railways and online booking system of seats will be started. He added that to make National Park Laal Sohanra an international park, developmental projects are being done. To improve tourism, a special train to Laal Sohanra will be started, he said.

Bahawalpur Railway Station has stopovers of 11 passenger trains in which quota of 381 seats has been allocated. He further said that Bahawalpur Economic Development Forum’s vision of development is great. He said 2 trains including Rohi Express and Shah Rukan-e-Alam Express have been reinstated in Bahawalpur.