You will find Pakistan’ religious political parties always divided on sectarian issues as they don’t represent any political philosophy but are there to safe gourd their sectarian rights. But Punjab’ Women Protection Bill (WPB) is such a devastating issue for them that all have converged on a single point agenda: Islam is in danger due to WPB. They have already threatened the government of violent protests repeating what happened in 1977 under the disguise of Nizam-e-Mustafa Tahreek. Recently they ran a trailer of the upcoming movie in Islamabad’ D-Chowk for four days. They always eye on army to take over as it suits them politically — both the dictator and religious parties legitimize each other to run the business as usual.

I was surprised to see Punjab CM Shahbaz Sharif agreeing to religious parties demand to form a committee consisting of religious parties and government’ representatives to look into (read revise) the WPB. Why is it so that Shahbaz Sharif and Fazlur Rahman, both men, are discussing women’ human rights-related issues. How do they value the women — consider them even human beings? If so, are they slaves? If no, are they children of a lesser God?


Saudi Arab, April 4.