ISLAMABAD:  Ameer Jamaat e Islami Sirajul Haq, has stressed that the 1956 Act about enquiry commissions should be amended so that Commission under the Chief Justice of Pakistan to probe into the Panama leaks had the powers to take final decisions against the guilty.

Talking to the media outside the parliament on Tuesday, he said that permanent legislation was required to wipe out corruption and stop illegal transfer of money to foreign countries.

Sirajul Haq said that if the Prime Minister was serious on the issue, he should move beyond addresses to the nation and the parliament and go ahead for the formation of joint ToR’s in consultation with the opposition.

He said that the Panama leaks was not an accident, it was the divine rod which would fall on those plundering public money. He said the wards of the rich had no right to do business with the public money while the poor masses were from hand to mouth.   

He said that the letter written by the government to the learned Chief Justice did not specify the persons and the companies against whom the enquiry was to be held. He said that a complete list of the persons and the companies should be provided to the learned Chief Justice for the purpose