Masculinity is often interpreted as stoicism. In our society males are supposed to think with their heads, those who show emotions are considered weak. The biasness of our society is effecting our males on so many levels. it is a psychological need of a person to express grief, joy and love.

We expect stoicism from our males, no display of emotions, men are discouraged to cry. Be it at funerals or weddings, women are mostly bawling while men just stand there, poker-faced. If men are happy, they are allowed to show it but why is it that they are forbidden to vent their grief? Penting up a dangerous emotions like sadness results bad health and they often release it by mistreating those weaker to them, their women and children mostly. We blame our men of being short-tempered and misbehaving, when we, as a society, may be the direct cause.

It is only natural to experience sadness. Keeping it bottled up, however, is unnatural. Let the men cry. Let them be more human!


Karachi, April 4.