LAHORE - Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority’s (PCAA) Human Resource (HR) department is issuing promotion and transfer orders to its retired officials due to its poor Management Information System (MIS), documents available with The Nation revealed.

In an order issued by HR on March 16, 2016 Nasim Bhatti, a nursing superintendent was transferred from M.I Room, Jinnah International Airport Karachi (JIAP) and Walton Aerodrome Lahore to M.I Room Allama Iqbal International Airport (AIIAP) Lahore. Interestingly she had retired from CAA about two and a half years back and second surprising thing in this order was that names of two airports were mentioned in order as place of posting that is JIAP Karachi and Walton airport Lahore.

In many other cases, officers of higher ranks and Staff Groups (SG) were mentioned as of lower groups. Muhammad Rasheed Sr Superintendent E&M of SG 11 was retired in January 2016 but his SG was mentioned as SG 3 and then a letter of regret was issued to redress the issue. Another order speaks volumes about the accuracy of MIS system wherein HR department mentioned Sana Ullah Zia as SG 1 while the said officer is serving as Log Supervisor at AIIAP in SG 8. This error was repeated thrice. Apart from all errors and mistakes made by the HR department such cases were also witnessed in the past wherein some officials of the CAA served the departments beyond their upper service limit and CAA HR department remained unaware.

It merits mentioning here that a CAA MT driver serving at Lahore airport who was scheduled for retirement from CAA in 2013 continued his service and CAA paid him last salary in August 2014 and then stopped his salary. He was told by the HR department that since he has served department 14 months beyond his approved service limit so the extra amount paid for that service that is Rs 800,000 would be deducted from his gratuity amount. CAA could not ascertain the date of birth of the official and to one’s utter surprise a team of two officers is scheduled to arrive in Lahore from Karachi on the 21st of this month to redress this issue. Sources in CAA said that date of birth of that official mentioned in his service book was 1953 but CAA management was confused on the issue.

Similarly another official Munir Ahmad Head Helper served CAA eight years more than his approved service limit. At Lahore airport many officers who were facing corruption charges were being given postings. Molvi Ghaffar who was performing as Duty Terminal Manager (DTM) was jailed for more than two months in 2014 when Anti Narcotics Force (ANF) arrested him on the charges of facilitating the drug peddlers. When this scribe contacted Director HR, Sumair Saeed admitted that there are flaws in the system.

“Yes there are flaws in system and we have detected many cases of tampering in dates of birth of the CAA officials. We are on it and looking into the issue,” Sumair maintained and said that information technology department should be under the supervision of HR department and disclosed that HR and IT will be merged soon. About the posting of Molvi Ghaffar as DTM, he said that he was exonerated from the allegations in inquiry and sometimes officials make hue and cry on some postings due to professional jealousy.