LAHORE - Hundreds of Wapda workers took out a rally on Monday over the rising deaths incidents of line staff because of non-availability of standard safety equipment during work.

The leaders of All Pakistan Wapda Hydro Electric Workers Union demanded professional training of workers and strict observance of safety regulation at work place. The workers were carrying banners in support of their demands and chanting slogans.

They said that more than 200 workers die every year and far more become disabled. The workers marched from Nisbat Road and McLeod, Abbot Road and other places. Trade Union leader Khurshid Ahmed addressed the workers and said that it is fundamental right of the workers that the state should provide safe working conditions. Pakistan had been termed one of the major countries to have the highest number of accidents in the transport industry by UN, he said.

The workers not only in Wapda  but also in engineering , chemical and textile industries become victim of accidents and occupational diseases, he said. He demanded the government to get amended outdated safety & health law and get the law implemented in letter and spirit by independent labour inspection machinery in accordance. He pointed out 11 workers had met fatal accidents in Metro Bus Project Multan last year and 300 workers at Baldia Town, Karachi. It speaks volumes about the agony and the plight of the workers.

He urged the workers to make success the struggle of ensuring “Preventive Safer Culture in Law & Practice” in the country. The rally was also addressed by Haji Younus, Rana Shakoor, Ch. Maqsood, Sajid Naqvi, Rana Akram, Javed representatives of the union along with Osama Tariq, the secretary of All Pakistan Workers Confederation.

By another resolution, the house demanded the Federal Minister for Water & Power should get ensured safe working conditions at work places.