Federal Finance Minister Mr. Ishaq Dar is on record to having said that he gave Qarz-i-Hasna to his son which he returned later. What if his son had not returned the loan? Qarz-i-Hasna is given to a poor man who may not return the loan if he can’t return it. Who gave Mr. Dar authority to give Qarz-i-Hasna to his own son ? Perhaps it was the close relationship with the Prime Minister that encouraged Mr. Dar to play loose with government funds. Why did not P.M take any action against Mr. Dar for playing footsy with public funds.  

Mr. Nawaz Sharif claims saint like purity in his financial dealings but this incident shows that Mr. Nawaz Sharif thinks that public funds are at his disposal like a king. It is better that he should declare himself a king as in his inclination to use public funds without any restraint. He is a born trader and can not distinguish between public and personal money.  

Pakistan has been inflicted with rulers like Mr. Zardariand Sharif brothers who take it granted to play loose with public money like it is Sheer-i-Madar for them. To claim sainthood and show financial indiscipline are two different things. That is why famous social historian Ibn-i-Khaldoon had said that a trader should not be made ruler as he would always be a trader and could sell the country cheaply to grind his own axe. 


Lahore, May 6.